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The mineral you need in a worst-case-scenario

The mineral you need in a worst-case-scenario

Q: A friend of mine who is a subscriber to your newsletter told me about an article you wrote where you said that magnesium can actually stop a heart attack. I had a heart attack last year and am terrified of having another one. Can you tell me more about how magnesium works and how I can get this treatment if worse comes to worst? Thank you.

JVW: When a heart attack occurs, the coronary arteries are usually in spasm, which makes the conduction of electrical impulses in the heart unstable. Rapid intravenous infusion of the right amount of magnesium can dilate those spasming arteries, improving blood flow, and stabilizing electrical conduction.

As for obtaining this treatment if you do suffer a heart attack, working with a physician skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine well before that situation occurs really helps. If that isn’t possible, speak to your own doctor hypothetically and get him to agree that he’ll use low-dose intravenous magnesium should you ever have a problem.

You can also put specific instructions on your medical bracelet or other emergency information. Most emergency rooms have the magnesium IV solution on hand (since it’s an accepted treatment for severe asthma attacks). So, in a heart attack situation, if you or a family member demand (persistently) to be treated with a magnesium IV, the ER doctors might comply.

But if you want to be absolutely sure you’ll get this treatment if you need it, find a natural/alternative medicine clinic in your area and have someone drive you there first in an emergency situation. To locate such a clinic near you, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine (800-532-3688,

For more details on intravenous magnesium therapy, refer back to the May 2003 issue of Nutrition & Healing. Subscribers can download and view this issue for free by visiting and logging on with the username and password listed on page 8 of your most recent issue.