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A new approach to fighting colds

A new approach to fighting colds

Q: What is the best natural cold and flu remedy?

JVW: I don’t know that there’s just one best treatment, but there are certainly a number of all-stars that have proven themselves time and again.

The most recent standout is a product called Cold-fX. Cold-fX is extracted from North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). The standardized active ingredients in this form of ginseng, polysaccharides, have immune-enhancing properties that increase the numbers and activities of macrophages (white blood cells that ingest foreign particles and infectious microorganisms) and natural killer (NK) cells.

While many other products focus on killing the germs themselves, Cold-fX takes a different approach: Instead of attacking the germs, it enhances the ability of your own immune system to kill germs and to remove germ-infected cells.

The manufacturers recommend taking one capsule twice a day to prevent a cold or the flu from occurring. If you’re already sick, they recommend a three-day short-term dose: On the first day, take three capsules three times. On the second day, take two capsules three times. And on the third day, take one capsule three times.

You can find Cold-fX in most pharmacies.

For more information on natural ways to prevent and treat colds and the flu, refer to the October 2007 issue of Nutrition & Healing. If you don’t still have your copy, you can download it for free from the online archives by following the instructions listed at the end of the article above.