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l-GT is the “missing link” in beauty science

The “missing link” in beauty science

I have a confession to make.

I’m pretty obsessed with beauty products. I’ve got a medicine cabinet full of serums, eye creams, concealers, and lotions. And there are even more packed in my linen closet.

If it promises to smooth my skin, or even better, stop signs of aging, I’m on board.

But here’s the thing — most of the stuff just doesn’t work (which is probably why I’ve ended up with such a massive collection).

And you know why they don’t work? Because those products are only working at the surface. They sit on the top layer of the skin, or maybe penetrate a couple of layers, but they don’t do much to get at the free radicals doing damage from the inside.

But I keep on buying them. And they keep on failing me.

In all those years, with all of those purchases, something has been missing.

Well…until now.

Now, everything is going to change.

Because researchers have revealed new research on what may be heralded as the “missing link” in beauty science. The fruits of their labor have been combined along with five other beauty-boosting nutrients in a groundbreaking new formula called Lumivella.

And unlike those other “miracle” creams and potions, this one targets your biggest beauty concerns from the inside out. It helps clear away the toxic build-up that some experts believe leads to problems like dark undereye circles, leaving behind vibrant and beautiful skin.

The key ingredient in Lumivella is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in every cell of our bodies. It’s one of the most important protective molecules made by our bodies because it not only helps neutralize free radicals but also prolongs the life of two other antioxidants — vitamins C and E.

It’s also a powerful assistant in detoxification — helping the body to flush out the effects of exposure to everything from food additives to pesticides and other environmental toxins.

Here’s the rub, though — this breakthrough, called l-GT, declines as we age. In fact, the decline may start as young as 30 and at 60 takes a nosedive.

So we need to boost it. And Lumivella helps do just that — enhancing your body’s supply of this crucial antioxidant and detoxification champion.

I first heard about Lumivella from a friend of mine who works for NorthStar Nutritionals, our affiliate who designed this formulation. She was able to get her hands on one of the earliest batches of Lumivella. She can be pretty difficult to impress — I mean, she’s seen it all. But she was amazed by the power of l-GT…from the very first day.

She confided that she’s turning heads again. And loving it.

That was enough for me.

But if you’re the type who doesn’t believe “hype” until you see science to back it up, I have that for you, too.

In one study, 60 people who took 500mg a day of l-GT for 4 weeks saw marked improvement in skin tone. So imagine what the 250mg of l-GT in Lumivella could do for you.

And that’s just a small sampling.

You can learn more about Lumivella (or place an order!) here.