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Healing wounds naturally

Q: If you are allergic to antibiotics like Neosporin, what else could you use that would help heal naturally?

Dr. Wright: There are a few different options you can try. First, there’s the old standby you probably remember from your grandmother’s medicine cabinet: iodine. In this case, I mean the actual orange-brown liquid — but SSKI, the potassium iodide blend I often recommend, will work too.

If you don’t want to use iodine, you might want to try a topical colloidal silver gel. Silver is still used as a topical germ-killer in many hospitals. Check your local natural food store to see if they carry one.

If not, there are two more options. Raw honey applied directly to wounds keeps them from getting infected. Make sure it’s raw honey though — not the processed kind in the supermarket. Your natural food store should carry it. And finally, there’s refined sugar. Applying it directly to a wound to help prevent infection might actually be table sugar’s only beneficial use, but it does work if you can’t find any of the other items listed above.