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B12 benefits without injections

Skip the shot

Q: So this is a little embarrassing…I’m afraid of shots! I’m a grown woman, but I dread the thought of needles and injections. I would very much like to try vitamin B12 for bursitis, but it is recommended as injections. Will oral supplements have the same effect?

Dr. Wright: You’re definitely not the only person who hasn’t outgrown a fear of injections: I hear similar requests from patients and readers on almost a daily basis. And until very recently, my answer has been to go ahead and try, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. Unlike the injectable form, oral vitamin B12 has been notoriously unreliable. However, a new type of delivery system may have changed that.

Liposomes are tiny, tiny spheres formed from natural lipids (fats). Liposomes surround water-soluble nutrients like vitamin B12, enabling them to pass through lipid membranes — in this case, intestinal cell walls — with much greater ease. So an increasing number of nutrients (as well as patent medications) are being produced in “liposomal delivery” form, which allows consumers to get more benefit from oral supplements.

Two to three years ago, I worked with Life Enhancement to formulate a liposomal form of vitamin B12 called ProBone-O drops. It has 1,000 micrograms of vitamin B12 and 1,000 micrograms of folic acid — which “pairs” with vitamin B12 in many metabolic reactions — per 1/2 cc dose. It’s available through compounding pharmacies, natural food stores, and the Tahoma Clinic Dispensary. So far, this liposomal delivery form appears to work better than any form of vitamin B12 except for the injectable.