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Judge moves “corn sugar” lawsuit forward

Sweetener showdown

“Corn sugar.”

Sounds so harmless. So wholesome. Doesn’t it?

Of course, we all know what “corn sugar” really is–high fructose corn syrup. That Frankenfood that’s been linked to big nasties like diabetes and liver scarring. Big Corn might try to convince us it’s totally natural with their rebranding, but we’re not buying it.

And neither is Big Sugar. Earlier this year, they called out the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) on the rebranding, calling it “false advertising” that distorted facts. In fact, they were so passionate about their criticism that they filed a lawsuit.

And that was all we heard about it for most of the year. Now, the Big Sugar vs. Big Corn sweetener showdown continues.

Late last month, a judge at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles ruled that the federal portion of the lawsuit can go forward, noting that the glowing rebranding campaign-related statements about corn sugar that the CRA swears are “educational” are clearly “promoting corn syrup” and constitute commercial speech.

There were a few losses, though. The judge dismissed the state-level lawsuit and excused the individual corn companies from the legal battle, leaving the CRA as the sole defendant.

Big Sugar, of course, celebrated the victorious battle. A rep said they are looking forward to the end of the CRA’s “deceptive” and “misleading” campaign.

I never thought I’d come down on the side of Big Sugar, and this is probably the only time this is EVER going to happen, but I’m glad the suit has gone through.

Of course, when you lock two health villains in a room for a showdown, can we really expect anything good to come of it? Both produce heavily refined poisons that rob us of our health. I mean, come on–no matter who wins, the big loser is…well, us.

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