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Treating bursitis–and its hidden cause

Banishing bursitis

Q: Are there any vitamins or herbal treatments that will get rid of bursitis pain?

Dr. Wright: There is an all-natural vitamin B12 treatment for bursitis that was developed by Dr. Irving S. Klemes nearly 50 years ago that often eliminates bursitis pain in as little as two weeks. For those readers not familiar with this treatment, refer back to the August 2006 issue of Nutrition & Healing. Current subscribers can download this issue free by visiting and logging on with the username and password listed on page 8 of your most recent issue.

However, even if Dr. Klemes’s B12 treatment is as successful for your bursitis as it has been for the majority of the people who have tried it, it’s important not to just assume your health problems are over.

Bursitis can also be a signal that you have another problem — a problem that may or may not be giving you symptoms of its own. That problem is a stomach that isn’t producing enough acid for optimal digestion, as well as not producing enough of the natural substance your body needs for optimal vitamin B12 absorption.

So when I see someone at the Tahoma Clinic who has or has had bursitis, I always recommend that he or she have a gastric analysis. In over 95 percent of these patients, the test discloses hypochlorydria (low stomach acid production) or in a few cases achlorhydria (no stomach acid production at all). People with under-functioning stomachs are routinely found to have low levels of essential amino acids and low levels of nearly all the minerals.

With low levels of so many essential nutrients, it’s no wonder that the risk of other health problems is higher than it should be for individuals with bursitis.

And even when your bursitis is no longer bothering you, determining whether hypochlorhydria is a problem for you and taking the appropriate steps to correct it (see the October 2000 issue of N&H for details) is a good first step toward eliminating a number of other symptoms that have been nagging you for years too.