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Metformin suggested to reduce cancer risk

Will we all be on this diabetes drug?

What’s this? An inexpensive drug, already being used to treat type 2 diabetes, that can also prevent the growth of breast cancer cells?

Why, it’s a miracle!

Oh, wait, no…it’s metformin.

Researchers based at Michigan State University found that long-term use of metformin reduced the risk of cancers normally associated with diabetes, including breast cancer.

They found that metformin seemed to inhibit the growth of breast tumors in a laboratory test, but they’re not exactly sure how. Still, it was enough of a result for them to start speculating about whether the drug might be used as a preventative drug and for people who “have no indication of any existing cancers.”

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds a lot like, “metformin for everyone!”

Which, you know, is kind of a problem.

When we last talked about metformin being pushed for a new use, it was back in February of last year. Big Pharma was pushing for metformin as a weight-loss aid for teens–despite there being no indication of its safety or if it was even effective.

Over 48 weeks, kids lost maybe 5 pounds each (and didn’t keep them off), but gained upper respiratory tract infections (about half the teens), lingering headaches weeks after (30 percent), and nausea (23 percent).

On top of that, there are the listed side effects of metformin–dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, increased incidence of bone fracture, unusual bone pain, increased risk of bladder cancer …and the list goes on and on.

And now we have researchers planning ahead for the days when all of us will take our daily metformin pill as the next cancer-preventing miracle. Thanks but no thanks–they can keep their “miracle.”

Incidentally, you probably don’t even need metformin for its original purpose! In the November 2010 issue of Nutrition & Healing, Dr. Wright reveals that beberine could have an identical effect–without any of the side effects!

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