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Symptoms of and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Conquering carpal tunnel

Q: I was talking to a friend about some symptoms I’ve been experiencing, and she said it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. Can you tell me about the symptoms? Are there any natural remedies?

Dr. Wright: Cases of carpal tunnel syndrome typically involve pain and numbness that travels from the underside of one or both wrists into the palm of the hand and sometimes even into the fingers.

Try bending your wrist forward and compressing it firmly from behind. Hold it for two or three minutes. If that brings on or aggravates the pain and/or numbness, it’s a good indicator that you might indeed have carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, you should schedule an appointment with a physician to be sure.

If your doctor confirms that you do have carpal tunnel syndrome, you don’t have to opt for surgery right away. Instead, try taking 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times daily for several weeks. (The “pyridoxal-5-phosphate,” or P5P, form of vitamin B6 works the best.) You may also want to try rubbing liquid vitamin B12 mixed with DMSO into the underside of the painful wrist several times daily. To do this, you’ll likely need a prescription for injectable B12, which a physician skilled in natural medicine will be able to help you obtain. To locate such a physician in your area, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine at (800) 532-3688 or visit