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Sources for natural products

Getting the “Wright” stuff

Q: I live out in “the sticks,” so I am usually unable to find the herbal remedies I read about in your newsletter. When I do find something, it seems to be of poor quality or isn’t as strong as what you recommend taking. How can I get my hands on the products you recommend?

Dr. Wright: You’re right to be concerned about the quality of the supplements you ingest. As with any product, the quality depends on a number of factors, including the ingredients, how it was manufactured, and the product’s stability or shelf life.

The best way to get natural products you can trust is to form a relationship with a physician skilled in natural medicine who can recommend specific formulas and brands. Even though you’re in a rural area, chances are you’ll be able to find such a physician within driving distance. Some good sources to check are the American College for Advancement in Medicine (888-439-6891;, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (866-538-2267;, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (800-884-2236;