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Grape seed extract kills cancer cells without harming healthy ones

Humble extract slays cancer cells

This year, nearly 12,000 people in the United States will die of head and neck cancer.

Worldwide, there will be over half a million cases.

The situation is pretty bleak.

But, after a revelation in a new study, a humble extract could change everything.

Late last month, a study published in the journal Carcinogenesis revealed that grape seed extract kills head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells in cell lines and mouse models. And here’s the bonus–while it’s a cancer killer, grape seed extract leaves healthy cells…well, healthy.

One of the researchers, who conducted the study at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, called the effect “dramatic.” This is big news for the cancer fight–and another big win for natural medicine.

Basically, grape seed extract creates conditions that aren’t growth-friendly–and one thing cancer cells do well is GROW. If they can’t grow, they simply die. Grape seed extract keeps them from growing by damaging the cells’ DNA and by messing with their repair functions.

Healthy cells don’t have the same, as the researcher calls them, “defective” pathways that cancer cells have, so they’re not vulnerable to the attacks waged by grape seed extract.

Researchers want to start clinical trials exploring grape seed extract as a partner to second-line therapies when other treatments haven’t worked. And this is the somewhat dark side to this story. Despite the big win for a natural treatment, the first line of thought is that it’s still secondary to “modern medicine,” only to be tried when patent medicines have failed.

My hope is that clinical trials will show just how powerful grape seed extract really is–and that it will be taken seriously as a first line of defense against these deadly cancers.

After all, grape seed extract has already proven itself as a circulation booster, a post-surgery healer, and a low-carb-diet supporter. Why not add “first-line cancer killer” to the list?

P.S. The notion that patent medicine is the end-all-be-all of cancer treatment is a myth. There are other myths about fighting cancer–myths that are downright deadly. Discover those myths–and the truth that could save your life. Click here to learn more from our affiliated newsletter, The Douglass Report.

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