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Glaxo looking for riches in Chinese medicine

Big Pharma sees big bucks in China

Allergy relief that’s more effective than anything pharmaceutical companies have been able to create.

A 1,000-year-old secret to beating aging.

A powerful weapon against breast cancer.

Those are just a few of the offerings of traditional Chinese medicine we’ve covered in the e-Tips and in Nutrition & Healing. It’s powerful stuff, to be sure. And Big Pharma wants in.

GlaxoSmithKline recently announced they’re firing up new research units to investigate traditional Chinese medicine. Namely, how they can make new synthetic versions of the powerful natural healers.

Why? Well, no matter how strong the herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine may already be, they’re useless to Big Pharma until they can be recreated in a lab and patented. Then, what was once an inexpensive and effective herb transforms into pure profit.

Of course, they’re saying they’re on a mission to make medicine stronger by marrying traditional Chinese medicine with “clinical efficacy.” They want to use modern technology to improve traditional Chinese medicine.

The way I see it–what they really want to improve is their bottom line.

I mean, how much do you think they’ll charge for their synthetic bitter melon and ginko biloba? I’m sure it won’t be the few bucks you have to shell out for the real deal. Nope, they’ll jack up the price for sure.

But that’s not even the worst part. Once Glaxo’s explorations into traditional Chinese medicine start bearing fruit, they’re not going to stand to have cheaper (better) alternatives out there. Nope–I think we need to get ready for a renewed attack on herbs and supplements. Big Pharma will be looking to wipe out the competition–and that only means our access to natural medicine is going to be threatened once again.

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