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Mainstream admits flu season is light, but still wants us to get shot

Light flu season? Be scared anyway

Winter hasn’t hit us so hard this year, has it? There have been days when I’ve only had to layer on a sweater and a light jacket to venture out–a far cry from the usual bundling with a heavy coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

The milder weather has made for a lighter flu season, since the virus seems to flourish in cold weather. Fewer people have been going to the doctor with flu symptoms, says the CDC.

Good news, right?

Not according to the mainstream. They’re desperate to get everyone lined up to be jabbed with the flu shot, and so they’re resorting to good old fear to convince you that you still need it.

An article from Fox News says that the flu season usually peaks in February or March–and they see this as a perfect reason to get a flu shot. The “kingpin of protection,” they call it–I guess they aren’t big e-Tips readers, or they’d know that the vaccine is far from a “kingpin”–it’s really not all that effective for seniors and since the flu virus constantly mutates it might not be effective for, well, anyone.

But that doesn’t mean the mainstream won’t keep pushing–hard. Now they’re working the angle that flu season doesn’t end with the winter. No no no, they say–it can last well into May–and you need protection!

So, of course, the #1 spot on the flu-prevention list they offer is getting vaccinated, saying it’s the “single most important thing you could do.” Forget that all signs point to not needing it this year (not that I think it’s needed ANY year).

Nope, I’m not buying it. To me, it screams of a last-ditch effort to get people lining up like sheep to get their shot. Mass vaccinations mean big bucks–and if people aren’t showing up, Big Pharma will have fewer billions to count.

So don’t let them scare you with their “oh, we’re fine now–but just you wait!” take on this light flu season. If you are concerned that the flu could still show its face in your household, keep taking your vitamin D and using the other tips for flu prevention that have been offered in the e-Tips.

P.S. Not convinced the flu season is over–but not willing to roll up your sleeve for an iffy shot? The team at our affiliated publishing company the Health Sciences Institute has created a full report on how you can beat the flu naturally. Click here to learn more.

“Flu season is mild, but gearing up,” Fox News (