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Vitamin E may starve cancer cells

Miracle vitamin may starve cancer cells

When it comes to cancer treatment, having to choose between sickening and dangerous options like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy is no choice at all. But here’s the goods news — in just a couple short years, you may never have to make that choice again.

That’s all thanks to some amazing research coming out of Ohio State University that may unlock a safe, natural, and permanent cure to deadly cancers. In fact, these Buckeye scientists may have discovered the miracle vitamin that literally starves tumors to death!

Researchers took a slightly modified version of vitamin E — that same life-giving vitamin found in almonds, peanuts, apricots, and other delicious foods — and injected it into prostate cancer tumors in mice. And guess what happened? Those deadly tumors wilted like salted snails!

The vitamin E was like a laser-guided missile seeking out and shrinking tumors while leaving the surrounding, healthy tissue completely untouched. You see, cancer cells depend on a key enzyme called Akt to survive and grow. Turns out that vitamin E prevents Akt from activating starving the cancer cells.

Scientists still have some work to do to figure out how best to deliver this modified vitamin E to your body, but this is still among the most promising cancer treatment studies to emerge in some time. In just a couple short years we may be trading the nausea, hair loss, fatigue, and butchery of current cancer treatments for safe and natural vitamin regimens.

It may sound too good to be true, friend, but it isn’t. It’s coming soon, and you heard it here first.


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