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Hibiscus flower extract may halt skin cancer spread

Is a skin cancer CURE hiding in your garden?

It’s springtime, and if you have a green thumb like me, you’ve probably spent the past few weeks wrist-deep in topsoil, getting your vegetables and flower beds ready for the May bloom.

But here’s something that will shock you — there may be far more growing in your garden than some early stalks and a handful of weeds. In fact, RIGHT NOW a medical breakthrough that could unlock a cure for deadly skin cancer could be sprouting!

Let me explain. A brand new study by Texas researchers has concluded that a simple extract from beautiful hibiscus plants may have the power to stop the most lethal form of skin cancer right in its tracks!

In research published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, a team led by Dr. Hareesh Nair of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute explained how they used gossypin — which can be extracted from the flowers of hibiscus and cotton plants — to turn back the tide on aggressive skin cancer in mice.

The melanoma-riddled mice who received gossypin treatment for just 10 days had smaller tumors and a much longer survival rate than mice who didn’t receive the therapy. Researchers think gossypin basically shuts down two troublesome genes that are associated with rapidly-spreading skin cancers.

And that’s great news, because nearly 77,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanomas this year, and conventional treatments like chemotherapy and surgery can be downright brutal and disfiguring. Even worse, when the melanoma is advanced, these treatments may not be effective at all.

The next step, of course, is human trials, and they can’t come soon enough. We may be on the cusp of a safe, natural skin cancer treatment that could stop tumors in their tracks without a host of nauseating side effects.

And just to think — it’s been growing in your garden all along.

But that’s not the only surprise you could find buried in your garden. Did you know there’s a powerful skin cancer cure hidden inside eggplants?

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