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Prime Power boosts male libido and sexual energy

Become a legend in your own bedroom

They say some things are worth dying for. But when I tell you the mind-boggling story behind this one sex secret, that legend has it men have literally risked their lives to get their hands on for thousands of years, you’ll sure be glad you don’t have to risk your own life to get your hands on this marvel.

It all started with a bleeding rock.

Yes, you did read that right… a rock that “bleeds.” This special rock is found high up in the snowy peaks of the forbidding Himalayan Mountains.

According to stories that have been passed down through the generations, early explorers were stunned to learn from the locals that the mysterious dark substance that leaked from the stones was being credited with being an “anti-aging” elixir of sorts that kept the men feeling young, spry, and full of sexual energy well into their golden years.

Called “Blood of the Mountains,” the substance was so prized by the locals that the men were perfectly willing to scale the notoriously dangerous icy peaks in search of it.

When those early explorers brought word of the miraculous bleeding rocks back to civilization the incredible sexual rejuvenator apparently stayed a closely-guarded secret. But some legends hint that the “Blood of the Mountains” mystical ability to supercharge libidos could have been the key to the applause-worthy bedroom performances of some of the most legendary lovers of all time.

And let’s be honest, what guy wouldn’t want to become a legend in his own bedroom?

Well I’ve got great news! You CAN get your hands on the “Blood of the Mountains” and you won’t have to buy any rock-climbing equipment to do it. Our friends and affiliates over at NorthStar Nutritionals have done all the dirty work for us.

They managed to secure a supply of shilajit (the real name of this powerful elixir) and have put it at the center of their new male performance formula, Prime Power. Then they took it one step further, rounding out their formula with other well-studied and time tested libido-supporters like Korean Red Ginseng and Malaysian Ginseng making this one of the most complete formulas of its kind that you’ll find.

If you want to learn more about how Prime Power could help you go from yawn-inducing sessions in the sack to a legendary lover in your own home… if you’re really ready to secure your place in the love-making hall of fame… click here.