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Thiamine helps reverse inflammatory bowel disease fatigue

This simple vitamin cure could foil IBD fatigue

When you’re suffering from the pain, bloating and diarrhea of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a simple meal can turn to misery in minutes, leaving you scrambling for the nearest toilet and ruining your day with an embarrassing close call. To make matters worse this gut-seizing life on the run can leave you feeling sapped of energy and saying no to taking that walk with your friends or playing catch with the grandkids.

If the fatigue of IBD conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease has left you dragging through your days like a sloth on sleeping pills, some exciting research out of Italy could be the just the shot in the arm you need.

The Italian researchers have just successfully tested a simple vitamin cure that was 83% effective at completely erasing IBD fatigue in just 20 days!

That’s right — you could be bounding around like a teenage track star in less than 3 weeks!

The researchers asked 12 patients with IBD — eight with ulcerative colitis and four with Crohn’s disease — to spend just 20 days supplementing with thiamine, a simple B vitamin, to see if it added more pep to their step.

And boy did it ever! After less than three weeks of supplementing with between 600 mg. and 1,500 mg. of thiamine daily (based on their weight) research volunteers were chomping at the bit with more energy than they had felt in years!

In fact, 10 of the volunteers saw all of their fatigue symptoms disappear completely, while the other two experienced dramatic boosts in their energy levels. Every single patient benefited from thiamine supplements — and a staggering 83% of the volunteers experienced complete and total relief!

Researchers believe they’ve uncovered a rock-solid link between IBD fatigue and thiamine deficiency. And the best news of all is that correcting this deficiency couldn’t be easier or safer.

You will find thiamine in many quality vitamin products, and foods like cereal grains, eggs, brown rice and potatoes. Talk with a doctor skilled in natural medicine about how you can put thiamine to work for you.


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