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Rhodiola rosea fights hypertension naturally

Miracle flower drops blood pressure without drugs

If you’re struggling to control your blood pressure using mainstream medical treatments you could soon find yourself turning to a veterinarian to deal with the side effects. Of course I’m kidding, but only a bit because Big Pharma’s BP treatments are likely to leave you peeing like a racehorse and feeling more ornery than a mule.

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and an awful lot of them are popping potentially dangerous diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors. But many of those same folks will tell you they never felt truly sick until they started taking those Big Pharma pills — and they’re dying to get off the prescription drug carousel for good.

If that sounds like you, it’s time you learned about a breakthrough study out of Taiwan that could finally have you ditching those risky drugs forever. Imagine, you may be able to lower your blood pressure without dodging a list of drug side effects longer than a phone book!

An animal study just published in Phytotherapy Research proves that rhodiola rosea, an arctic flower that’s been proven to fight everything from depression to fatigue, could send your blood pressure sinking faster than a Swiss cheese canoe.

Researchers fed hypertensive rats a steady diet or rhodiola extract, and compared their blood pressure to a group of unlucky rodents who didn’t receive any treatment at all. The more rhodiola the rats received, the more their blood pressure fell.

Of course you’ve been reading about the powers of rhodiola for years now in e-Tips, so the fact that it lowered blood pressure probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. But it was how it worked that blew me away. You see, rhodiola actually helped the rats make more of the natural endorphins, needed to regulate blood pressure and keep it from spiking. These are the same hormones your body releases during exercise to help keep your blood pressure in check.

If you’re tired of the sickening side effects of Big Pharma’s blood pressure pills… if you can’t bear the thought of spending another day nauseous and feeling like your bladder is about to burst… stop putting your trust in those billion-dollar drug pushers and start putting it in Mother Nature instead.

With a little luck, you’ll quit peeing like a thoroughbred, and start living like one again.


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