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  • Rub out muscle spasms with this mineral

    Q: Because of her multiple sclerosis, my sister has almost continual muscle spasms. Her doctor wants to prescribe Valium, but I am sure there must be some natural option out there.

    Dr. Wright: Magnesium is an ideal, nontoxic, natural symptom reliever for muscle spasms that can otherwise be difficult to cure.

    In cases like your sister’s where the spasm isn’t caused by a nutrient deficiency, the magnesium can be applied as a cream directly to the affected muscle or muscles.

    I recommend using magnesium and DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) that have been blended into a cream. Vigorously rub the cream over the affected muscle for two to three minutes several times daily. The DMSO helps transport the magnesium through the skin directly into the affected muscle.

    Although magnesium-DMSO is quite safe, right now it’s only made by compounding pharmacies, so you’ll need a prescription to get it.

    I’ve noticed a definite difference in the quality of magnesium-DMSO products. They can range from runny and watery, which is harder to use and control, to almost glue-like, which seems to take forever to disappear into the muscle. The best one I’ve seen so far is from Key Pharmacy (800-878-1322,, in Kent, Washington.

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