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  • LATEST: Can bee stings CURE arthritis?
  • Eggscellant advice on breakfast

    Q: I heard scrambled eggs are bad for me. Why?

    Dr. Wright: When you cook scrambled eggs, you break the yolks. Since the yolks contain most of the eggs’ cholesterol, breaking and scrambling them allows that cholesterol to be exposed to much more air and heat than other cooking techniques that leave the yolk intact. That air and heat can cause the cholesterol in the scrambled egg yolks to oxidize before you even have a chance to eat them, potentially contributing to atherosclerosis.

    This information isn’t meant to terrorize you into fearing the very sight of scrambled eggs. If you’re otherwise eating quite well and taking your daily supplements (including anti-oxidants), the occasional scrambled egg while you’re traveling or visiting friends or relatives certainly won’t kill you, and likely will be offset by the rest of what you’re doing. But if you’re a scrambled egg lover and eat your eggs cooked this way frequently, you might want to consider giving poached or sunny-side-up a try.

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