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  • Should you ditch your vitamin E?

    The headline was disheartening, especially because it seemed so cut and dry.

    “Vitamin E May Hike Risk of Prostate Cancer.”

    In the trial, men who took vitamin E supplements showed a “slight but statistically significant” increase in diagnoses of prostate cancer.

    Could it be true? Could a nutrient that we consider absolutely essential to our health actually be harmful?

    I had to find out the truth. And it didn’t take long to find out that, once again, the mainstream had completely botched things up.

    This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to bring down vitamin E. Back in 2005, headlines claiming vitamin E could kill you blazed across TV screens and newspaper pages. The team here at Nutrition and Healing pretty handily debunked that study, pointing out a slew of flaws they probably hoped we’d miss.

    And here we are again. All it took was a little digging to find the major flaw in the recent vitamin E study: the vitamin E itself.

    You see, instead of using one of the natural forms of vitamin E that’s been proven over and over again to be essential to maintaining good health, they went ahead and used a synthetic. And not just any synthetic–they used the worst kind you can get. The 400 IU these men were taking every day was all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, which is pretty much junk.

    Dr. Wright likes to call patent medications “space alien molecules.” And manufactured synthetic forms of vitamins are no different.

    Now, had they conducted this study using an actual NATURAL type of vitamin E, like d-alpha-tocopherol or mixed tocopherols, the findings might actually be valuable. Instead, they come off as yet another pathetic (and ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to undermine natural healing.

    Sorry, but we’re not buying it. In fact, there’s a little bit of an ironic twist here. You might remember a study I covered in an e-Tip at about this time last year…a study showing that a constituent of vitamin E actually could FIGHT prostate cancer!

    So take your vitamin E without fear–as long as it’s the natural form with mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols that Dr. Wright has always recommended. If you’re not sure your supplements are up to snuff, check with a doctor skilled in natural medicine.

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