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    What is the world coming to?

    Am I really looking at an endorsement from a “respected” health guru for microwavable canned food?

    It can’t be…but there it is, in black and white in my email inbox.

    And here I thought eating healthy meant buying fresh produce and organic meat from my local farmers market and spending 15 or 20 minutes in the kitchen whipping up something nutritious and nourishing.

    But according to this “leader in alternative health,” all I have to do is pop the top off a can, zap it in a microwave, and enjoy!

    Cooking’s for suckers when good health can come straight from a can, right?

    Silly me, I always thought that we should be steering clear of both microwaves and canned foods, but if a respected health leader says it’s okay, it must be!

    I mean, Dr. Wright doesn’t even own a microwave. But maybe he should rethink that since according to this email I received microwaves are the quick and easy way to good health.

    Never mind that microwaves are a totally UN-natural way of cooking and that one study showed that they lead to lowered levels of hemoglobin and significant increases in cholesterol in participants’ blood. Ignore that cooking with microwaves has been shown to lower the activity of anti-infective factors within the body (see the August 2007 newsletter in the archive at for more on these findings).

    Forget that microwaving alters the chemical makeup of proteins–changing them into a form that can lead to adverse structural and immunological changes in the body (see the October 2007 issue for more).

    Instead let’s focus on what Dr. Wright’s going to be putting into his newly purchased microwave. If he’s going to continue to follow the advice of this oh-so-highly respected doctor it’s going to be a can of…well…indeterminate content.

    Let me explain…

    With all of the (rightful) concern over food-packaging chemicals that stay in our systems, not to mention the many hazards associated with BPA–including links to type 2 diabetes, reproductive disorders, and cancer–and the FDA’s refusal to ban it, countless companies are proudly proclaiming their packaging is BPA free.

    So, what about these meals, so confidently backed by a health leader? Surely, they’re proudly proclaiming that they’re on the BPA-free bandwagon, right?

    Nope! The makers don’t say anything about the container on their website–and of course our illustrious doctor doesn’t even mention it in his endorsement that I saw–despite the fact that BPA is a HUGE health issue right now!

    A microwavable can has to contain some pretty interesting materials–after all, you can’t go sticking just any old can in the microwave without exciting results.

    So it would be nice to know exactly what molecules are mingling with that food, especially if it’s supposed to be a healthy meal. But not only do we not know what’s going on BPA-wise; I have no idea what’s in their packaging at all. Because they won’t tell me!

    I emailed the company asking what the can’s made of–and they completely avoided the question.

    In fact, they curiously revealed they’ve recently “changed the microwaving instructions” for the product. Sure, it would be “safe” to stick the can in the microwave, they say, but before doing so you have to remove every last piece of the hard plastic lid from the can. To “err on the side of caution,” they’re now recommending you transfer the contents of the can to a bowl first.

    Hold on just a second here. The glowing endorsement from that health guru talks about how easy it is to pop the can in the microwave (this is before he breathlessly praises the fact that it even comes with a plastic fork!).

    I think I’d better go tell Dr. Wright to cancel those orders for a microwave and a case of canned meals. I’m getting the feeling that eating healthy isn’t quite so convenient after all. I mean, come on–now they expect me to buy a BOWL?

    P.S. Is red tea a good substitute for black or green? Keep reading to find out.

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