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  • Powerful vitamin may reverse years of smoking damage

    Every former smoker I know went through a three-step process when they finally swore off the cancer sticks for good — craving, irritability, and then a lingering question that haunted them for years:

    “What on earth have I done to myself???”

    If you’re an ex-smoker, it probably felt great to trade in that morning cigarette for a cup of joe, or to be able to hop in your car without feeling the need to light up. But many former smokers are haunted by concerns over how much damage they may have inflicted on their lungs, hearts, and other vital organs during their years of riding the Tobacco Train.

    That’s why I’m so excited about new research out of Ohio State that shows that one powerful vitamin may hold the key to wiping away years of smoking damage!

    In the study, which was just presented at the Annual Experimental Biology Meeting in Boston, 30 smokers were asked to ditch their nicotine habit for a week. Half of the smokers were given gamma tocopherol, a type of vitamin E, and the rest received a placebo.

    Every smoker in the study saw an increase in his or her vascular function in just one week. No surprise there — the benefits of quitting smoking can be nearly immediate.

    But here was the HUGE surprise — study participants who took vitamin E every day saw an additional 54 percent improvement in their vascular function. That means a healthier heart… healthier blood vessels… healthier everything!

    And it just took ONE WEEK!

    This form of vitamin E may hold the key to undoing years of smoking-related damage. And while there’s more research to be done, the benefits of vitamin E are long established. A few weeks back I shared with you an exciting study that found that a form of vitamin E may even be able to starve cancer cells!

    It’s never too late to stop smoking, friend. It’ll be the best health decision you ever make. And if you’re interested in turning back the clock on some of the damage those “coffin nails” may have caused, print this article, show it to your doctor, and have a chat about giving vitamin E a try.

    And if you’re really serious about beating back Father Time, give this book by our friend and affiliate Dr. Alan Spreen a read. He throws back the curtains on doctors’ secrets to looking and FEELING younger than ever! You could feel 20 years younger in just weeks!


    Former Smokers: This Vitamin Could Make You Healthier: (

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