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In C versus C, vitamin C wins

This is an absolute outrage.

It’s the most bald faced medical ripoff of the 21st century (so far anyway). It’s also cold-blooded robbery. Patients will get robbed, and then U.S. taxpayers will get shaken down too.

But the thieves won’t go to prison. Oh no — they’ll be thanked. They’ll even be praised.

Utterly despicable!

At the heart of this scam is a new patent medicine that’s about to become the biggest money making drug of all time. That’s because there are millions of potential patients. And the price — seriously, you won’t believe it.

$1,000 per pill.

One pill per day.

A typical course of treatment is expected to cost around $84,000. And the size of that bill could easily top $100,000 for many patients.

The drug is called Sovalidi and it was approved by the FDA just three months ago. It treats hepatitis C. The current standard of care calls for interferon drugs that produce a high rate of nasty side effects, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and flulike symptoms.

Sovalidi is expected to increase cure rates and cut back on the time that patients need to use interferon. But it will put a crushing strain on the lifesavings of many families. For others who are covered by Medicaid, the financial hurt will land on Medicaid coffers and states that agree to carry some of the financial burden.

According to one hepatitis expert, treating two-thirds of hep C patients could cost about $200 billion. And the disease isn’t even expected to peak for another six years!

Now here’s why this is so outrageous: You can successfully treat all forms of hepatitis without drugs.

Robert F. Cathcart, M.D., was one of the pioneers of intravenous vitamin C (IVC — also known as intravenous ascorbic acid). Here’s what he had to say about IVC for hepatitis…

“Since acute hepatitis A, B, C, etc., is easily cured with massive doses of ascorbate, intravenously and with follow-up with oral ascorbic acid, it is tragic that it is not properly utilized.”

He pointed out that one of the problems with hep C is that it’s usually not diagnosed until it’s past the acute stage and has become chronic. “Chronic hepatitis C is more of a problem; however with massive doses of ascorbic acid orally, a no-sugar diet, vitamin E, selenium, silymarin (an antioxidant from milk thistle), and alpha lipoic acid among other nutrients, I have never seen a case to go onto acute hepatic necrosis or cancer of the liver.”

In other words, hepatitis C can be cured without using drugs, and for a tiny fraction of the cost. And you can forget about those debilitating side effects!

Hepatitis C is caused by a virus. It’s usually transmitted by contact with contaminated blood. But the virus sometimes takes as long as three decades to develop into serious problems. Health officials say that those born between 1945 and 1965 are at highest risk and should be screened for hep C.

If you get screened and your doctor comes back with bad news, talk to him immediately about IVC. If he’s not open to trying IVC, find a naturopathic doctor who can determine proper dosage and monitor your progress.

Meanwhile, check this link for another tipoff that vitamin C is good medicine for hepatitis C.


Want Big Pharma to Save Your Life? Just Pay the Price!: (

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