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  • Can this secret guacamole ingredient really destroy cancer?

    The avocado is like the Swiss army knife of fruits — it has a million and one uses.

    You can cut it up into chunks to add some refreshing bites to your salads. It makes a delicious cream sauce for fish.

    And, of course, it’s the key ingredient to zesty and tasty guacamole dips.

    But Canadian researchers have just discovered another use for the versatile avocado — and this one has jaws dropping all over the medical community.

    It looks like the humble avocado may be the next great weapon in the war on cancer.

    In a study just published in the journal Cancer Research, scientists from the University of Warterloo in Canada tested an avocado compound called avocatin B on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells.

    AML kills about half the people who get it. It’s especially devastating in seniors. Ninety percent of people age 65 and older who get the disease die within five years.

    But researchers have found that avocatin B can actually destroy AML stem cells — which drive the disease and trigger relapses — while leaving your healthy cells completely untouched. Plus, because it’s a natural compound, avocatin B is a lot safer and less toxic than just about any cancer treatment you’ll find in your typical hospital or doctor’s office.

    And, of course, the health benefits of eating avocados — and getting a good dose of avocatin B — don’t stop there. A study in January showed that overweight people who ate a diet rich in avocadoes for a week saw a 17 percent drop in bad cholesterol levels.

    And trust me — you won’t find a drug out there that can drop your cholesterol levels that fast.

    Avocadoes really may be the next great cancer-fighting and heart-protecting super food. And the best news is that you can start incorporating them into your diet right away. They’re rich in key nutrients like potassium, copper, and vitamins C, E and K — and they may deliver health benefits that last a lifetime.


    Avocado compound holds promise for treating leukemia


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