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  • Vitamin cure can stop Crohn’s disease agony

    Unless you experience Crohn’s disease firsthand, you can never fully appreciate how debilitating and painful it can be.

    The knee-buckling stomach pain, vomiting, and embarrassing bouts of diarrhea and bleeding are physically and emotionally draining. When you’re not rushing to find a bathroom, it seems like you’re rushing in and out of doctor’s appointments and hospitals.

    Crohn’s disease causes inflammation of the wall of the gut. There’s no cure, and doctors aren’t even sure what causes it.

    But researchers in Ireland say they have some exciting news that could help you stay symptom-free for days… or even weeks… at a time. And it comes from one of the cheapest and most readily available vitamins around.

    According to a study published this month in the journal United European Gastroenterology, researchers found that taking a daily supplement of vitamin D — the sunshine vitamin — may help keep your Crohn’s disease in remission.

    You see, scientists had previously discovered that vitamin D is good for building your bones because it helps you absorb key nutrients more effectively.

    And that’s when a light bulb went off in the heads of these Irish researchers. People with Crohn’s disease often have trouble absorbing nutrients because they typically suffer from “leaky guts.” That’s when nutrients and enzymes from their intestines spill into their bloodstreams instead of being absorbed properly.

    So if vitamin D could help you process food more effectively — and maybe even tighten up that leaky gut — could it also help control Crohn’s?

    For the study, half of the patients took 2,000 IU vitamin D supplements every day for three months, while the rest took a placebo.

    Those who took vitamin D saw their inflammation levels sink like a stone and had less leaky guts. Scientists believe vitamin D could help Crohn’s patients keep their worst symptoms at bay — and maybe even keep the disease in remission.

    The researchers have expanded their study and they plan to announce their findings in a few months. But you don’t need to wait for that to start supplementing with vitamin D.

    We already know that vitamin D plays a role in adding healthy years to your life. It can help fight cancer, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, improve muscle and bone strength, and even drive away depression.

    And best of all, if you have Crohn’s, vitamin D may start to give you your life back. Imagine being able to go bowling or take a shopping trip with friends without worrying about dashing for the nearest bathroom.

    To keep your body stocked with vitamin D get 20 minutes of sun exposure to your face and arms each day. But depending on your complexion, where you live and seasonal factors, you may also want to invest in a quality supplement.


    Vitamin D supplement may prolong remission of Crohn’s Disease, study finds


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