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Avoid killer additives by eating like a caveman

If our government was serious about making nutrition labels easier to understand, it would drop all those 20-letter words we can barely pronounce and use a symbol all Americans would instantly recognize.

Like the same skull and crossbones you’d see on a box of rat poison.

Because most Americans are eating 78 pounds a year (that’s like a bag of cement and a half) of some of the deadliest poison to ever roll out of Big Food’s laboratories. And it isn’t too much healthier than that stuff you’re leaving behind for mice in your garage or shed.

I’m talking about added sugars, especially fructose and high fructose corn syrup. You’ll find HFCS packed into sugary sodas, sports drinks, processed foods — even in fruit juices that claim to be healthy for you.

I see the deadly effects of a lifetime of fructose consumption in my patients every day. It’s been linked to diabetes, stroke and weight gain, and is worse for our hearts than we ever imagined.

A new Swiss study just published in the journal Nature shows how HFCS triggers a deadly chain reaction that can enlarge your heart and even cause fatal heart failure.

You see, unlike glucose, which is converted into spikes of energy, fructose is metabolized directly into fat that collects around the liver and the abdomen.

Eating too much fructose can increase blood pressure, which causes your heart muscle to grow so it can pump more blood throughout your circulatory system. Even worse, your enlarged heart starts drawing on fructose as an energy source, which triggers further growth of the muscle and can cause heart failure.

You can protect yourself by reading nutrition labels and avoiding added fructose and HFCS in particular. One easy way to avoid fructose, which I recommend to my own patients, is giving the Paleo Diet a try.

It’s often known as the “caveman diet” because it harkens back to the eating habits of our ancestors in the Paleolithic period, which started a couple million years ago. Back then, humans could eat only what they could hunt and gather — meat, fish, leafy greens, and fruits and vegetables.

So no grains, no sugar, and no processed foods. And certainly no fructose.

Our bodies simply aren’t adapting to modern foods and additives — especially the thousands being created by processed food companies — fast enough. Many common illnesses, like heart disease, are being caused by our inability to process HFCS, along with the dozens of other ingredients you’ll find in a Fanta Orange soft drink, a bowl of sugary cereal or a microwaveable TV dinner.

And Paleo isn’t just a fad. Research has shown the Paleo Diet is far superior to other eating plans when it comes to weight loss, improving heart risk factors and providing nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

So, break the fructose cycle and give Paleo a try. There are plenty of great cookbooks and recipes online. You’ll be eating healthier and better and your heart will thank you.


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