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    I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, “Keep calm and drink wine.”

    That’s probably not the right message to slap on the back of a moving vehicle.

    But if you’re worried about those aging joints… if that occasional knee or hip pain is keeping you off the golf course or out of the garden… it just may be the best advice you can get.

    Keep calm and drink wine.

    Because a new study out of England shows that a glass or two of red wine a night may be the secret to keeping your joints young and limber — and could even prevent you from developing painful arthritis.

    For the study, researchers studied the drinking habits of 2,000 men and women suffering hip or knee arthritis and compared them to 1,000 healthy people, ages 45 to 86.

    The results were remarkable. Wine drinkers who consumed at least 7 glasses a week lowered their risk of knee arthritis by an unbelievable 50 percent.

    Red wine is loaded with several healthy compounds, including resveratrol. Resveratrol is an anti-aging wonder that’s been proven to help ward off painful inflammation, especially in your joints.

    And the wonders don’t stop there. Resveratrol has even been shown to improve your heart health, ward off certain cancers, and protect against hearing loss and cognitive decline.

    It’s truly a wonder nutrient, which is why I recommend it to my own patients all the time.

    Now that doesn’t mean you should down a box of wine each night for better knees. Like everything, it’s about moderation.

    Men shouldn’t drink more than one or two large glasses a day, and women should limit their consumption to about one glass a day.

    But how’s that for a prescription that you can live with? And if red wine isn’t your thing — or you prefer the whites, like a chardonnay or a moscato — you can pick up resveratrol supplements pretty affordably just about anywhere.


    A glass of wine could save you from arthritis


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