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  • Loosen up those hardened arteries with this supplement secret

    They call heart disease the silent killer.

    Because lots of folks don’t realize they have a serious problem until they’re clutching at their chests or riding in the back of an ambulance.

    For many people, the road to heart disease — or a potentially deadly heart attack — starts with hardened arteries. Over time, harmful plaque builds up on the inside of your arteries, causing blockages and forcing serious strain on your heart.

    But what if you could actually keep that plaque from ever forming — and maybe even reverse years’ worth of buildup?

    Dutch researchers are claiming that vitamin K2 — which is often called menaquinones — can not only halt the hardening of your arteries and blood vessels, but actually start to reduce it.

    K2 is like calcium’s personal escort in your body. It helps move it to places it’s needed (like your bones) and away from places it’s not (like your blood vessels, where it can cause hardening).

    For their study, just published in Thrombosis and Haemostasis, researchers recruited 250 women and gave half of them a daily supply of K2 and the other half a placebo. The K2 actually stopped the age-related hardening of the arterial walls and significantly improved the elasticity of the blood vessels.

    That means it was actually turning back the clock on blood vessels that had become stiff and damaged over the course of years. And that’s going to save lives.

    You can get K2 from some of my favorite protein-rich foods like eggs, butter, beef and chicken. You know — all those fats that the mainstream has been telling you to avoid for years.

    And if you’re interested in buying supplements, you’ll find plenty of options online that will run you less than $1 a day.


    K2 inhibits the effects of aging of arteries, research says


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