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    I had a patient once who showed me the diet her previous doctor expected her to live on, now that she was in her 70s and was having some health problems.

    I thought I was looking at instructions for feeding a rabbit!

    Some lettuce here… some carrots there… and not a piece of honest-to-goodness protein on the menu.

    The mainstream has been forcing these unhealthy “low fat” diets on us for decades, and we’re fatter and sicker than ever to show for it.

    If you’ve spent too many years swearing off delicious T-bone steaks or mouth-watering pork chops, it’s time to fire up the grill again.

    Because new research proves that eating more fat may be the only thing that protects you from osteoporosis or even a bad bone break.

    For the study, conducted at the University of Connecticut, researchers put a group of women on a protein-restricted diet for a little less than seven weeks.

    And during that short period of time, researchers already began to see troubling signs that could lead to brittle and weak bones. The women were having a difficult time absorbing calcium, which came as a surprise to researchers.

    But not to me.

    There have been numerous studies over the years proving that a diet rich in fat helps your body absorb and use calcium. And if you spend years depriving your body of the protein it needs, your bones start to pay the price.

    As you get older, it’s even more important to get enough protein, because protein isn’t just good for bones.

    Protein is a key building block for hair, skin, eye tissue, muscles and organs, and it even keeps your immune system strong.

    As I’ve told you many times, I recommend a high-protein Paleo Diet, which focuses on the meats, vegetables and nuts our caveman ancestors would have eaten.

    And trust me — eating like a caveman sure beats eating like a rabbit.


    Low-protein diet: Bad for women’s bones


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