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  • Can this sleep supplement bring you fast eczema relief?

    If you’ve ever had eczema, you know how annoying and embarrassing it can be.

    Between the constant itching and burning, you’re scratching your skin red and raw.

    And it always seems worse at night, doesn’t it? It can feel like your skin is absolutely on fire, making it nearly impossible to get to sleep.

    But imagine if you could clear up your skin, lose some of your worst eczema symptoms, and catch some much-needed shuteye – just by taking ONE supplement.

    According to an exciting new study published in JAMA Pediatrics, melatonin may be the answer for your eczema and sleep problems.

    You see, it’s not just the itching and scratching that keeps you up at night. Scientists at the University of California, San Diego, say they have discovered that people with eczema tend to have low levels of the sleep hormone melatonin.

    Melatonin is found naturally in your body and tells you when it’s time to sleep. But what you may not know is that melatonin also plays an important role in the health of our immune systems.

    For the UCSD study, researchers recruited 48 children with eczema, and divided them into two groups. They gave one group a 3-miligram daily dose of melatonin at bedtime and the other a placebo.

    The results were outstanding. The kids who took melatonin fell asleep 21 minutes faster and got 30 minutes more sleep than their counterparts.

    But best of all, taking melatonin also significantly improved their skin condition, thanks to its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Not to mention, they were sleeping instead of scratching all night.

    The good news is that the supplement should help all people with eczema, regardless of their age – especially older folks whose melatonin levels are already on the low end.

    It works, it’s safe, and it doesn’t cost a lot. For only 9 cents a pill, you can get getting the body-healing sleep you need, the natural way.

    So, if eczema is keeping you tossing and turning at night, give melatonin a try. You could end up sleeping like a baby – and itching less, too.


    Melatonin Might Help Sleepless Kids With Eczema, Study Finds


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