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  • Breaking down the coffee bean’s health benefits

    Some days, it’s the best part of waking up. From the smell of the beans…to the sound of the brew…nothing else matters until you can take that very first sip.

    As the kids say now, “But first, coffee.”

    There’s nothing better to perk you up in the morning or during an afternoon slump. More than half of all adults drink some amount of coffee each day, spending up to $40 billion each year to feed our jones for java.

    The great debate as to whether coffee is good or bad for your health has been soundly settled by science, which has proven that America’s favorite hot beverage can add years to your life. It has so many anti-aging antioxidants, I’ve declared it a superfood.

    Now, scientists in Denmark have investigated the healing powers of two chemical compounds in coffee – cafestol and caffeic acid, both of which help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

    We all know coffee tastes good, but how do its chemicals work once they get into our bodies?

    According to one new report in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Natural Products, both ingredients increased insulin production in the presence of glucose. Cafestol even increased glucose uptake in muscle cells so effectively, it matched the performance of diabetes drugs. Make sure you get its maximum effect by drinking unfiltered coffee drinks like French press.

    Of course, a regular coffee habit will protect you from more than diabetes. Caffeic acid may sound a bit scary, but it’s a natural compound found in ALL plants – and it has been shown to ward off cancer AND shield the body from inflammation.

    Now, don’t use this as an excuse to order a Starbucks venti double chocolate chip frappuccino. You don’t want to offset the positive perks of coffee by loading up on sugar. But you can enjoy a moderate amount of black coffee – as much as three to five cups a day – and know that the natural and safe compounds you’re drinking are working all kinds of magic on your body.

    As always, if you’re pregnant, or if you have anxiety, sleep problems, or a sensitive stomach, check with your doctor to find out how to safely enjoy the natural benefits of the coffee bean.


    Specific coffee chemicals can ward off type 2 diabetes


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