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Can this backyard weed end your constipation misery?

If you’re like a lot of my patients, you’d rather get a root canal than talk to your doctor about constipation.

I can’t tell you how many poor folks I’ve treated over the years who suffered through years of stomach aches, bloating, fatigue, and painful bowel movements before they got help.

And if that sounds like you… if you’ve been struggling with constipation for too long… I have an amazing herbal remedy that could get and keep you regular again.

And here’s the best part – it’s a weed that probably grows right in your own back yard.

The dandelion root has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help support the digestive system and even clear up constipation.

You see, that humble dandelion is actually loaded with a fatty substance called lecithin that helps your liver and gallbladder produce and distribute more bile.

And adequate bile levels are critical for having regular bowel movements.

But the wonders of the dandelion don’t stop there. It works as a natural diuretic, ridding your body of excess water and salt. That means it might even help lower your blood pressure.

Plus dandelion is rich in vitamins A and C and high in several important minerals.

You can grab dandelion supplements online or at most health stores.

And here’s another idea – switch out that daily soda with dandelion tea instead.

Just a mug or two a day may be enough to help you put those annoying bathroom problems behind you for good.\


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