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  • Miracle morning drink can become an armor for your liver

    Your liver is your body’s natural filter.

    Imagine what years of abuse has done to it…the toxins…the medications…a few too many drinks now and then…

    It all takes a toll on your liver.

    But it turns out that the secret to reviving it – and protecting it from further abuse – may be in something you probably already enjoy: coffee.

    Because a new study shows that coffee isn’t just a great pick-me-up, but it’s also a great weapon against liver disease.

    According to a report in the journal Ailmentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, two cups of coffee a day can help ward off liver cirrhosis from drinking too much alcohol.

    Liver cirrhosis is a condition where the liver is scarred due to long-term effects of toxins like alcohol or due to hepatitis C infection. It can lead to liver failure and cancer – causing more than one million deaths worldwide each year.

    Yet regular consumption of the java juice has been shown to slash the risk of dying from the disease by 44 percent.

    Forty-four percent is nothing to sneeze at – we’re talking about potentially ending tens of thousands of cases of liver disease every year.

    You see, coffee has hundreds of biologically active ingredients, including vitamins, oxidative and anti-inflammatory agents, that help heal the body.

    And unlike toxic drugs, coffee is safe, natural and well tolerated by the body.

    Coffee can also fight or prevent cancers of your prostate, skin, esophagus, and more – and the benefits don’t end with cancer. Coffee can also help prevent heart disease, ward off diabetes, slash your stroke risk, boost your mood, protect your brain, and help you live longer.

    That’s a tasty prevention package for your precious liver.

    And while you’re drinking your coffee, make sure you’re not adding anything to it – like sugar, flavored creamers, syrups, whipped cream, or whiskey. After all, you don’t want to do any MORE damage than what’s already been done!


    Coffee may protect against liver cirrhosis


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