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    Q: I’ve been suffering from anxiety on and off for years. I’ve read all the self-help books and even tried visualization and breathing exercises. Nothing seems to work for long, and I really need something that is effective and that I can stick with. What do you have?

    G.R.: When you’re talking about conditions like anxiety or panic disorders, there often are no silver bullets. There can be both physical and psychological components to the symptoms, so a thorough examination and lots of testing are important.

    But I have found through my own experience that many patients suffering from anxiety or panic attacks are deficient in magnesium. And regular supplementation can work wonders.

    Magnesium is known as the “calming mineral,” and it can be helpful in any condition of overstimulated muscles or nerves. And that’s what’s happening when you’re feeling anxious or having a panic attack.

    In my own practice, I regularly use a combination of intravenous magnesium, inositol, and acupuncture to help my patients improve. But certainly you can buy magnesium supplements just about anywhere, and you’ll often see magnesium as a key component in natural anti-stress formulas.

    I tell my patients to try to bulk up on more magnesium-rich foods like nuts, beans, fish and dark, leafy vegetables.

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