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    Q: My daughter was in a car accident four years ago and broke just about every bone in her foot. It’s still incredibly painful for her and even affects the time she spends with her child. Is there anything she can do to alleviate the pain?

    G.R.: Nobody should have to live in that kind of pain for that long, so she definitely ought to see a doctor in person and ask him about a condition known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

    With CRPS, the pain lingers – and often intensifies – at an injury site long after the injury has supposedly healed. CRPS happens often after bone breaks – and, for some reason that is not well understood, women are more vulnerable to it.

    If her doctor tells her that she does have CRPS, he may prescribe a physical therapy regimen and give instructions for heating and icing the area. These strategies, plus X-rays to make sure the injury healed properly, are always good ideas.

    But when the pain of CRPS continues to linger, there’s another treatment that most people never try – and that some doctors don’t even know about.

    I’m talking about vitamin C.

    A study about eight years ago in the Journal of Family Practice looked at people suffering from CRPS after wrist fractures. And they found that supplementing with 500 mg. of vitamin C a day for seven weeks helped reduce the risk of CRPS.

    That makes sense because vitamin C is actually important for nerve health and healing – and it helps to control inflammation. Also, loading up on vitamin C can actually increase your tolerance for pain.

    Adding curcumin and a good B-complex vitamin to the mix may help as well. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory, and B vitamins support healthy nerve function and can be useful in fighting nerve pain.

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