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Are fats turning you into a zombie? Not exactly…

If there’s one thing I treat more than just about anything else at my clinics, it may be fatigue.

I see patients all the time who wake up each morning feeling like they were hit by a truck, and who can’t make it through the day without constant naps.

So naturally I’m interested any time research comes along that adds something useful to the science on fatigue.

But unfortunately, the media reporting on these studies is often half accurate at best… or completely wrong at worst.

Case in point: You may have seen reports about a study published in the journal Nutrientsclaiming that men who ate a lot of fatty foods were 78 percent more likely to suffer from daytime sleepiness than men who limit their fats.

If you believe the anti-fat crowd, the case is closed, right? Just reduce your fat intake, and your energy levels will soar.

Well, not exactly.

You see, what the study REALLY found was that the fats that make you sleepy are those in processed snacks like chips, cookies, and fries.

I have a feeling Captain Obvious may have been one of the authors on this research.

In other words, we’re talking about trans fats here, which are terrible for your health, can cause insulin spikes and crashes, and have no redeeming nutritional value.

When researchers looked at healthy proteins and fats, they found no correlation with napping. Zip. Nada.

In fact, these proteins — like fish, nuts, and even red meat — are your body’s preferred source of energy, and prevent the type of “crashes” you get from carbs.

Make sure your diet focuses on the high-quality fats, natural foods, and overall clean eating that are staples of the Paleo diet. Loading up on quality proteins and fats can help give you an energy boost, and will improve everything from your waistline to your brain health.

Men who eat fatty foods more likely to become drowsy during daytime, research says

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