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  • BREAKING NEWS: Eating butter probably won’t kill you

    For years, butter has been getting a bad rap.

    That’s because there have been studies that have connected saturated fat to high cholesterol levels… and high cholesterol levels to high risk of cardiovascular disease.

    And while it’s true that butter contains a lot of saturated fat, its connection to cardiovascular disease isn’t exactly the simple equation that has been presented to us thus far.

    Thankfully, a new report of an old study confirms what I’ve been saying all along (despite its controversy) — that cooking with butter is actually good for you.

    At the very least, according to the findings published in BMJ, cooking with butter is better for your health than vegetable oils.

    This, of course, contradicts the emphasis that nutritionists have placed on using vegetable oil (such as corn, safflower, soybean, sunflower, and cottonseed oil) instead of all-natural butter.

    A team from University of North Carolina School of Medicine unearthed data from a previously hushed study out of Minnesota and found that subjects on a vegetable oil diet had a 22 percent higher risk of DEATH, compared to those who were allowed to eat butter.

    Out of a total of 9,400 men and women the ones who died were also the ones with the greatest reduction in total cholesterol levels in their blood.

    And they had almost twice as many heart attacks, too.

    The interesting thing is that this data was actually collected DECADES ago — from 1968 to 1973 — and yet was only partially published in 1989.

    Despite the fact that it’s one of the rare double-blind, randomized human clinical trials that has actually tested this hypothesis, some of its results sat collecting dust — until UNC researchers recovered it.

    One of the UNC researchers went so far as to say that the benefits of replacing saturated fat (a.k.a. butter) with vegetable oils have been OVERESTIMATED… and the risks of it have been UNDERESTIMATED.

    Now, the team from UNC weren’t willing to go so far as to say that butter may be GOOD for you after all. But, they admit, maybe it’s not as bad as people thought.

    If you ask me, it’s not just that it’s the lesser of two evils. It CAN be good for you.

    So, instead of dipping your knife into something that you can’t believe isn’t butter, why not just choose butter?

    It’s a source of vitamins A and D and of so-called “good” fats — which you need to eat some of, in order to absorb certain kinds of nutrients (the ones that are considered “fat-soluble”).

    Those good fats can also reduce your “bad” cholesterol levels. Of course, cholesterol isn’t such a black-and-white issue of “good” versus “bad” and “high” versus “low” — so I’ll dig more into that topic in the upcoming March issue of my Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

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