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  • Perk up your mind with this summer stone fruit

    You struggle to find the right words… to remember where you left your glasses… and even to recall favorite old-time memories.

    Those “senior moments” make you feel like everything is at the tip of your tongue — yet just out of reach.

    Everyone has days where they’re a little slow on the uptake, but if those “brain burps” are getting in the way of your everyday activities, they could be the start of something more serious.

    But according to a new study, you can put the brakes on dementia without drugs — because there’s a natural way to keep your mind as quick as can be.

    And it just so happens to be tart, tasty, and refreshing!

    The study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, found that drinking cherry juice — which gets its deep red color from nutrients called anthocyanins — improved memory and cognition in older adults with mild-to-moderate dementia.

    That’s a big deal, since the conventional medical world will tell you there’s no cure for dementia and that it will only get worse.

    Researchers randomly gave participants either cherry juice or, as a control, red juice that didn’t contain anthocyanins.

    By the end of the study, the cherry group was able to produce the right words more quickly (a skill we call “verbal fluency”), compared to the control group.

    They also significantly improved both their short-AND long-term memories, compared to controls.

    That’s promising evidence that the anthocyanins in cherry juice might REVERSE cognitive decline!

    Plus, the cherry on top of this sundae is that those in the cherry juice group also had significant reductions in their systolic blood pressure — a finding that squares with previous studies.

    So, if you’re struggling with dementia or its beginning stages, try adding cherry juice to your diet for a brain “pick-me-up” — and, if you have hypertension, maybe even a bonus BP drop.

    Tart cherries are also a great “pick” for your health in a number of other ways.

    They’re high in vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, as well as phenolic acids, which can reduce stiffness in your arteries that paves the way for heart disease.

    Plus, cherries’ anti-inflammatory properties help fight gout flare-ups, and the melatonin they contain can help you get a good night’s sleep.

    The season for fresh tart cherries isn’t until summertime (from May to July, depending on where you live), but you can find cherry juice at your local health food store. Just make sure to get the “tart” kind so you don’t overload on added sugar.

    And no, you won’t get the same effect from Cherry Coke or cherry-flavored Kool-Aid, neither of which contains a single cherry.

    If the tart juice makes you “pucker” too much, you can find tart cherry as a supplement in capsule form at your local health food store.

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