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  • This tropical treat is cancer-fighting royalty

    If you’ve been reading my eTips for a while, you already know that much of what you eat can cause disease.

    But the good news is: We’ve barely even scratched the surface of foods we can eat to prevent and even treat disease!

    And now, the latest science reveals what you can eat to keep cancer cells from getting out of control and taking hold.

    Recently, researchers in China published an analysis of 93 studies that revealed a mountain of new evidence about how eating a healthy diet can lower the risk of developing cancer, specifically breast cancer, especially in those who need to worry about it the most.

    But there’s ONE fruit in particular that was new to me… one that’s so unusual in our part of the world that you may have never even heard of it either.

    They call it “the queen of all fruits” – and, true to its nickname, the mangosteen has a thick, “royal” purple rind with segments of sweet, white fruit on the inside.

    Now, even though it has “mango” in its name, it’s not the same as the more common, yellow-fleshed mango. This fruit only grows on tropical evergreen trees in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

    It turns out that the fruit’s cancer-fighting powers were two-fold: The extract actually KILLED breast cancer cells in a lab dish and appeared to stop them from multiplying.

    The researchers also tested mangosteen extract on mice with breast cancer tumors. And while you’re not a mouse, they’re often used in lab studies, and we’ve got enough in common with them to be wowed by the results. The extract was so good at stopping cancer cells in their tracks that not only did the tumors stop growing, but the mice also lived longer.

    This is big news because breast cancer is the most commonly-diagnosed cancer for women — and, as you age, your risk naturally increases.

    If you’re a little on the older side and have already gone through “the change,” your risk is even higher – but even then, this “royal” cancer-fighter has got you covered.

    The key to mangosteen’s power appears to be found in its rind, which contains special compounds called “xanthones” that protect the inside of the fruit.

    And once they’re inside your body, those xanthones likewise strengthen your cell walls to keep cancer out!

    This special fruit only grows in one part of the world, but fortunately you can find its juice at your local health food store or online. To maximize the amount of phytonutrients you’re getting, make sure you get one that hasn’t been blended with several other fruit juices and one that contains the whole fruit – including the rind.

    You can also eliminate the guesswork and try mangosteen extract supplements.

    But I should note that mangosteen can interfere with some medication, including chemo drugs – so, if you’re already being treated for an existing case of breast cancer, it’s best to avoid it.

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