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  • High blood sugar can be a bedroom buzzkill

    Gentlemen, if you’ve been having problems in the bedroom, your ego can really take a blow.

    Having trouble “in the moment” is a real mood killer, and you might beat yourself up for not being able to “perform.”

    But it’s not that you’re not man enough… or that you’ve lost your “mojo.” Because what’s ruining the moment time and time again could be a warning sign of something ELSE going on in your body.

    We already know that a little too much dormancy “downstairs” can be an early signal of cardiovascular disease. After all, you need good circulation to get enough blood flowing where you need it most when Cupid comes calling.

    And according to a new study, a limp “member” may also be one of the first indications of something else that may seem completely unrelated: diabetes.

    The meta-analysis, published in Diabetic Medicine, reviewed 145 studies involving a total of nearly 90,000 men.

    Turns out that more than half of diabetic men also suffer from this emasculating condition — making it all boil down to not much more than a coin toss when your blood sugar is out of control.

    According to the data in this latest review, men with diabetes were also three and a half times MORE likely than men without the disease to deal with this frustrating condition.

    Not only that, but they started having troubles with their tentpoles an average of 10 to 15 years EARLIER than men who didn’t have diabetes.

    That may be because diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels everywhere in your body — including “down there.”

    So, if you “can’t get no satisfaction,” get checked for diabetes in the exam room… before you give up on “action” in the bedroom.

    And if you already know you have diabetes, I can’t think of a better motivator to get your blood sugar under control.

    Switching to the Paleo diet — which eliminates the sugars and grains that can spike your blood sugar — is a simple way to stay on track. And you’ll still feel more than satisfied by enjoying plenty of fish, meat, eggs, and dairy, as well as nuts, vegetables, and fruit.

    Cooking with cinnamon… drinking tea… and even taking the supplement berberine (a.k.a. “Emperor’s Salt”) are all perfectly natural, non-toxic ways to help regulate your blood sugar, too.

    Staying active and shedding some extra pounds can do a world of good as well. Just 30 minutes of walking a day will cut your risk of diabetes by almost a third — and once you’ve got your blood sugar in check, there’s another great form of exercise that will help keep it that way.

    And it’s the very thing you haven’t been able to do!

    If you still want a little help in the bedroom after controlling your blood sugar, studies have shown that a “cocktail” of safe and natural ingredients — including L-arginine, pycnogenol, and red ginseng — can lead to an improvement by as much as 90 percent.

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