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Feds finally sound the alarm on this dangerous test

When you’ve got a condition serious enough that your doc orders an MRI, you probably don’t think twice before saying yes to the test.

You want to know what’s happening inside your body — and an MRI is one of the best ways to see what’s going on.

Now, right before they send you into that space-age contraption, they may want to do something else — inject you with what’s known as a “contrasting agent,” which can help them get a sharper image of your insides.

Well, before you let them jab you, you should read ALL of the fine print about what they’re sending through your veins — because contrasting agents that contain the heavy metal gadolinium are SO dangerous that the FDA has just mandated that patients receiving them need to be informed of the risks.

Namely, that gadolinium could wreak havoc on your body and brain… for YEARS to come!

You know it must be bad when the FDA steps in.

Now, for decades, companies that make gadolinium-based contrasting agents (GBCAs) have claimed that their products are totally harmless and that — unless you have kidney problems — you’ll pee out every drop of gadolinium within days of the procedure.

But last year, the FDA released a report that blew that notion out of the water.

The studies they reviewed showed that gadolinium can indeed stick around in your bones… your skin… and even your BRAIN!

Unfortunately, at the time, the feds stopped short of saying that having this toxic heavy metal in your gray matter and other tissues could actually harm your health.

But in my own practice, I’ve seen post-MRI patients suffering from the effects of ridiculously high levels of gadolinium in their bodies, with symptoms ranging from burning and tingling all over… to memory problems… to kidney damage.

Even the FDA admits that retaining gadolinium can cause a gruesome condition called “nephrogenic system fibrosis,” wherein your own skin turns hard like wood.

As I shared with you in the September 2017 issue of my Nutrition & Healing newsletter, that’s why I’m much more selective when it comes to sending a patient for an MRI — particularly if it involves contrast.

On the one hand, I’m heartened to see that the feds have slapped a stronger warning on GBCAs… but on the other, I’d wager it’s not strong enough.

If you’re given the choice, opt for a contrasting agent that doesn’t contain gadolinium. Yes, they exist!

If you’re strong-armed into the use of a contrasting agent that does contain gadolinium, keep in mind that this toxic metal is more likely to get deposited in your system and stick around for longer with “linear” type GBCAs than with “macrocyclic” types, which are the lesser of two evils.

And if you’ve already had an MRI scan with GBCAs, you should be on the lookout for symptoms like body pain (especially of the lower arms and legs)… headaches that don’t quit… and cognitive issues.

If the worst comes to pass and you do get poisoned by gadolinium, chelation therapy from an integrative doc, combined with plenty of antioxidants and natural detoxifiers, can help sweep this toxic metal from your system.

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