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  • Toss THIS with your salad to protect your brain

    This morning, I shared with you how fruit can help improve your lung function.

    Now, fruits are part of the Paleo diet, but since they contain so much natural sugar, I don’t recommend eating a lot of them.

    While berries and citrus are delicious, you can overdo it on them! File them under “Too much of a good thing.”

    But while I’m not much of a fan of turning every meal into a bowl of cherries, I do love how you can add certain fruits to your savory dishes to give them a little extra zing — both in the flavor department AND the nutrition department.

    Case in point: According to a new study, there’s something made from fruit that may shield your brain from the ravages of dementia, and it tastes great on salads.
    I’m talking about blueberry vinegar!

    Now, you may have never heard of vinegar made from blueberries before, but stick with me.

    We know that previous studies have shown that eating fresh blueberries or drinking blueberry juice can protect your brain function and memories — because these bright berries contain compounds that reduce inflammation and improve blood flow in your noggin.

    But the theory is that the fermentation process that turns fresh blueberries into vinegar can actually ramp up their benefits by making these compounds even more powerful and available to your body.

    In the new study, researchers induced memory problems in mice that mimicked dementia and put them through the paces of memory tests. They then added blueberry vinegar to the mice’s feed and repeated the tests, finding their test performance IMPROVED after just one week.

    That could be because the vinegar reduced the breakdown of a neurotransmitter (called acetylcholine) in the mice’s brains, making it more available.

    And that’s an exciting finding — because we know that people with Alzheimer’s disease have a massive shortage of acetylcholine in their gray matter, which is why Big Pharma has developed drugs that boost acetylcholine.

    Unfortunately, those meds don’t last long in your body, and they can be toxic to your liver, so finding a natural way to up this neurotransmitter is like striking gold.

    The study also showed that the vinegar increased the mice’s brain levels of an essential protein for creating and maintaining healthy neurons, called neurotropic factor.

    And we know that having too little of this protein in your brain can lead your neurons to become damaged or even die, raising your risk of dementia.

    So, if you’re struggling with dementia or want to keep it at bay, give blueberry vinegar a whirl.

    You can find easy recipes for fermenting your own blueberries into vinegar online, and you might even be able to pick some up ready-made at a local farmers market or online retailer.

    And in addition to salads, you can add it to your meat marinades for some unique, fruity flavor.

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