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  • LATEST: Can bee stings CURE arthritis?
  • It sounds like a fast track to visual freedom: A doc aims a powerful laser into your eye, and boom! You never have to wear glasses or contacts again.

    Of course, I’m talking about Lasik surgery. With most procedures lasting just 15 minutes, Lasik promises to knock your specs off faster than Clark Kent can change into Superman.

    Mainstream eye docs will swear up and down that the procedure is practically foolproof… and that complications are exceedingly rare.

    And they’ll even tell you there’s no such thing as “too old ” for Lasik.

    But according to a new study, you should look before you leap — because in the blink of an eye, Lasik can open a Pandora’s box of vision problems that CAN’T be corrected.

    In the study, FDA researchers surveyed nearly 600 people both before and after they underwent Lasik, and they found that three months after the surgery, nearly HALF of those who’d had healthy eyes before Lasik developed first-time vision issues afterward.

    We’re talking stuff like extreme light sensitivity… double vision… and visual distortions such as blinding halos around bright objects.

    Jeepers creepers!

    What’s more, nearly a third of the participants developed dry eyes, an exceedingly painful condition that can’t always be relieved with eye drops.

    And even though eye surgeons insist that complications like these subside within a few months for most patients, that wasn’t the case in the study.

    Six months post-surgery, 41 percent of the participants STILL had visual aberrations… and a quarter of them still had mild or severe dry eyes.

    For some, those complications were debilitating.

    You see, Lasik involves reshaping your eye’s cornea, which is the clear round dome that covers the front of your eye. And when the tiny nerves that run through your cornea get severed, it can cause permanent damage.

    Plus, previous studies have shown that those who undergo Lasik may be at increased risk for long-term eye complications such as needing cataract surgery earlier in life and developing a sight-robbing condition called “corneal ectasia.”

    And in those who’ve had Lasik, it can be harder for docs to detect glaucoma, which is an abnormal buildup of pressure in your eye that can lead to blindness if not treated soon enough.

    Translation: If you want to save your precious eyesight, don’t go under the laser beams! The inconvenience of wearing glasses or contacts is nothing compared to living with paralyzing visual distortions for the rest of your days.

    To support your vision over the long term, keep sugar to a minimum and eat lots of fruits and veggies full of vision-protecting nutrients.

    You can also find vision-supporting supplements that combine eye-healthy nutrients like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin in one convenient capsule.

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