Nutrition and Healing
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  • When I was studying Ayurvedic medicine, I was always fascinated by one group of people.

    Ascetic monks.

    By the measurements of Western medicine, they should have been in awful shape. They had meager rations – sometimes just a cup of rice a day (or fasting for weeks!). They often slept in poor conditions, wearing little more than rags. They were exposed to the elements all the time.

    And yet, these were some of the healthiest people I’d ever seen.

    Indeed, some were reputed to live to extraordinary ages – and while some of that may have been due to their spiritual practice, that can’t be the whole story.

    Now, a new study on mice gives us a clue that could reveal their secret.

    And it might work just as well for you.

    Researchers from Pondicherry University in India found that to slow aging to a crawl, you’ve got to take a closer look – a LOT closer, all the way down to the cellular level.

    When you look at cells in the body, they show tell-tale signs of aging. Specifically, cells grow more and more damaged – often through oxidation – and eventually stop performing their respective functions.

    When enough cells are badly damaged, you’ve reached the end of your road.

    But it turns out there are two things you can do put the brakes on this cellular damage – and the first one is to restrict your calorie intake.

    You see, whenever you eat food, the digestive process will lead to cellular byproducts like free radicals. Those free radicals eventually oxidize the cells in your body, causing damage – which is the equivalent of aging.

    Reduce the number of calories you take in, and you’ll reduce that damage.

    I’m pretty sure that ascetic monks in India were on the right track by eating so little – and thus, doing very little damage to their cells!

    No wonder they lived so long.

    But according to the latest science, there’s something else they could have done: supplement with quercetin.

    Taking quercetin – a natural compound found in many fruits and vegetables, like kale – provides a mechanism to clean up those free radicals.

    And doing BOTH those things together worked better than either action on its own.

    Now, severely restricting your calories isn’t for everyone. And I don’t expect you to go on some crazy hunger strike or take some sacred vow of silence or celibacy. (I would never!)

    But you can get a similar age-defying effect by limiting your caloric intake… and cleaning up a lot of the remaining free radicals with a quercetin supplement.

    The combination gives you the benefits of a severely restricted diet — without any of the hunger pangs.

    Avoid overeating… put your own clean-up crew to work… and you may discover your own fountain of youth.

    It won’t cause you to live forever – but, of course, nothing will.

    It can, however, help you live much LONGER – and live a healthier life the whole time, as well.

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