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The way we diagnose Alzheimer’s today is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

First, most doctors won’t spot the condition until you already have serious symptoms.

Then, the Alzheimer’s diagnosis can’t actually be confirmed until you’re DEAD and there’s an autopsy.

I wish I was kidding… but I’m not.

To have a fighting chance against Alzheimer’s, you need to catch it early. But mainstream medicine does a TERRIBLE job at that.

Fortunately, researchers have discovered an early Alzheimer’s warning sign – one that can show up YEARS before memory loss.

But this research comes with one BIG catch – and every senior needs to know about it.


Researchers, reporting in the Journal of the America Geriatric Society, found a strong link between how well you see and hear, and how well you think.

Basically, if you have poor eyesight and hearing, you are much more likely to get Alzheimer’s.

But why?

Researchers have speculated that your eyes and ears are basically your windows to the world. When vision or hearing are impaired, you’re cut off – your brain gets less information, which affects your thinking and reasoning.

And that makes sense… to a point.

But here’s what everyone seems to be missing.

We need to understand that sight and hearing ARE brain functions. Brain tissue allows you to see and hear.

What we need to look for is something that is destroying brain tissue and causing eyes, ears, and brains to fail.

Vision and hearing loss are likely SYMPTOMS of brain problems… not the cause of them.

There are many theories about why we age and what damages our brains as we get older. But it is pretty clear that oxidative damage is one of the key factors in brain destruction.

That means you need to protect your brain (and your eyes and ears) from damage by making sure you have enough good antioxidants (which reduce oxidative damage).

The antioxidant supplements I see working the best are glutathione, quercetin, curcumin, resveratrol, and astaxanthin, just to name a few.

You can protect your brain (and your sight and hearing) by making sure you have good antioxidant protection for your whole body.

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