Nutrition and Healing

I always start my appointments by asking my new patients which drugs they’re taking.

And you’d be surprised how often they forget to mention NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

Millions of adults take these pain killers for balky knees… bad backs… and even arthritis.

And you can buy them anywhere, so they must be safe, right?

Not exactly.

NSAIDs don’t do ANYTHING to address what’s causing your pain in the first place – and they can leave you with serious (and even deadly side effects).

But if you’re suffering from a chronic pain condition like arthritis, there’s hope.

Because an amazing compound doesn’t just make your pain vanish – it actually REVERSES damage to your joints.


One study found that 43 percent of adults take NSAIDs on a weekly basis.

But the temporary pain relief NSAIDs provide comes with a much higher price than you can imagine.

Every year, NSAIDs are responsible for over 100,000 hospitalizations in the United States and more than 16,000 deaths.

That’s right… people literally DIE on these “safe” drugs.

Most of the problems from taking NSAIDs come from serious bleeding (of the gastrointestinal tract), but they also damage your kidneys and liver.

Luckily, you don’t need NSAIDs to beat pain.

Researchers recently looked at the compound N-acetyl cysteine (or NAC) to see if it could help reverse the suffering of osteoarthritis.

NAC is a precursor to glutathione – a powerful antioxidant. Supplementing with NAC boosts production of glutathione and increases antioxidant protection throughout your body (including your joints).

In the study, researchers placed NAC into the drinking water of mice with arthritis and found it reduced levels of joint damage – essentially erasing damage to cartilage and joint tissue caused by osteoarthritis.

For a long time, osteoarthritis was thought of as a wear-and-tear disease: the more you use your joints, the sooner they will wear out.

Now, researchers are starting to understand that inflammation and oxidative damage may cause joint loss.

That means taking sufficient quantities of NAC can help you get both of these problems under control.

The really good news is that NAC is very easy to find – you can locate it at just about any online or local supplement shop.

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