Nutrition and Healing

I don’t know if we have a depression epidemic in America today.

But we sure as heck have an antidepressant epidemic.

Doctors are handing out these pills like candy – often with practically NO screening.

Lots of times these drugs fail – and other times they leave you with terrible side effects like weight gain and ZERO sex drive.

But what if you could erase your depression without TOUCHING another antidepressant pill?

It’s now possible – all thanks to a special oil that our government spent YEARS banning.


First, here’s what you need to know about prescription antidepressants (and, trust me, I’ve spent a lot of time researching this).

The drugs often take two to four weeks to work – and they are NOT effective around 40 percent of the time.

Not exactly the perfect medicine.

But antidepressants are all we have, right? Not exactly…

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis (or marijuana) plant, and it works WONDERS for quickly improving mood.

In a new study, published in the journal Molecular Neurobiology, scientists found a single dose of CBD worked almost immediately in experimental rats and carried over for an entire week.

Lots of human patients have experienced fast results for themselves.

CBD does come from the marijuana plant – the same marijuana plant our government spent years banning.

But it doesn’t produce dependence, nor the mild-altering effects of marijuana (it doesn’t make you feel high). Many people take CBD and go about their day with no bad effects.

The study was performed on rats so that scientists could put their brains under a microscope and observe changes. What they observed blew them away.

CBD (usually sold as an oil) helped jumpstart activity and improve cellular health in areas of the brain linked to depression.

The positive research on CBD and other cannabis compounds is literally exploding right now.

And state governments are noticing.

CBD is legal in some form or another in most states. To learn more about how to get it, have a chat with your doctor.

Believe me, he’s already getting LOTS of requests.

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