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I’ve always believed that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

But not the FDA… they’d need genetic proof that it wasn’t a horse.  They’ll IGNORE evidence that’s right in their faces.

For YEARS research has been suggesting that cell phones can cause cancer.

Now, a GOVERNMENT-RUN study has linked cell phone radiation to TUMORS in:

  • Hearts;
  • Brains; and
  • Adrenal glands.

Pretty devastating… and that was after only 10 years of exposure.

But guess what? The FDA has outright DISMISSED these findings….

They’re DENYING the government’s own research and want you to believe that cell phones are perfectly safe.

Friends, today I’m going to show why the FDA is DEAD WRONG.

Then I’ll tell you how you can drastically REDUCE your exposure to cell phone radiation (and don’t worry – I’m NOT about to tell you to ditch your phone!).

FDA turns a blind eye to cancer

Did you know that Americans check their phones 80 TIMES A DAY, according to a 2017 survey? That’s about once every 12 minutes!

We use them for alarm clocks… They’ve replaced magazines in the bathroom.

And with all of this daily usage, no long-term studies have been done on humans… EVER.

Now, a government study has found that mice exposed to cell phone radiation sprouted tumors like crazy.

Yet, the FDA dismissed the study’s findings out of hand.

One of their reasons? The technology used in the study was from older 2G and 3G phones.

But the FDA claims the risk is “too low” to pay attention to.

Really? How do you ignore CANCER?

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are activities with a low relatively low risk of death that I still do. For instance, I will go swimming in the ocean. I’ll walk in the rain.

But I’m sensible.

I don’t…

  • Jump in water where sharks have been spotted
  • Hold a lightning rod in the rain

In the same way, I still use a cellphone, but I use every strategy possible to reduce my exposure to cancer-causing radiation.

And you can do the same.

5 ways to SLASH your exposure to cellphone radiation

  • Turn off your cellphone when you’re not using it. If it takes too long to boot up, turn your phone on airplane mode.
  • Carry it in a bag or purse instead of your pocket – especially men. Research suggests mobile phone radiation can reduce sperm motility.
  • Keep your phone away from your brain. Using your speaker phone creates some much-needed distance.
  • Text whenever possible.
  • Only use your phone when there’s a strong signal. Your phone puts out more radiation when it’s trying to connect to towers.

There’s no need to put your life at stake! Using your smart phone in an intelligent manner can help you stay healthy.

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