Nutrition and Healing

There are stories in the news every week about how we’re in the middle of a depression epidemic.

But I don’t need to read about it… I’m seeing it firsthand in my practice.

Patients shuffle into my office, heads down and shoulders slumped… and they look absolutely MISERABLE.

Many of these good folks have been failed by mainstream medicine and depression drugs.

And they’re not alone… these risky meds are harming more people than they’re helping.

But there’s a natural remedy that can ERASE your blues quickly and effectively… no pills required.

And if the drug companies had their way, you’d never hear a thing about it.

This remedy CRUSHES anything Big Pharma offers

Millions of Americans are walking around doped up on antidepressants – still looking like they do when they first come into my office (head down, shoulders slumped).

Big Pharma doesn’t have enough pockets to shove all the money in. Antidepressants are among their best sellers and users are HOOKED FOR LIFE

Sixty-eight percent of adult users have taken them for two or more years; 25 percent for more than 10 years!

All this despite an ABYSMAL success rate! These drugs are INEFFECTIVE 40% of the time.

Even worse, black box warnings are slapped all over them. (A black box warning is the MOST SERIOUS WARNING the FDA can use.).

Because, in a sad twist of fate, antidepressants have been known to cause suicides.

Instead, let’s take a look at CBD (cannabinoid) oil.

CBD oil is an ALL-NATURAL extract from marijuana.

But it leaves THC, the psychoactive component, behind…

Meaning it won’t get you high, or turn you into a zombie like antidepressants do!

It’s a completely natural alternative to antidepressants that puts BIG PHARMA’s “solution” to shame…

In fact, a recent study found CBD oil ELIMINATED some of the symptoms of depression in a SINGLE DAY!

The researchers discovered CBD improves levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

BDNF helps regenerate neurons and synapses – two areas that antidepressants have no hope of affecting.

Plus, it targets brain structures involved in depression and re-balances them.

CBD does all this (AND MORE) without the added risk of suicide, lethargy, and erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that CBD is now legal, in some form or another, in most states. Talk to your doc about what you need to do to get it where you live.

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